Single Frame Champion of Champions - 2021-2022 Competitors

The judges: Peter McCann, Chief Judge, John Hotchner, Rick Gibson, Tom Fortunato, Santigo Cruz, Charles Verge, Ray Pietruszka, Mike Ley

The cut-off to qualify for the 2020-2021 Single Frame C of C was September 2021. Because of Covid-19 there were only 11 qualifiers. We determined this was not enough for a meaningful C of C competition and these qualifiers will be invited to the 2021-2022 competition at CHICAGOPEX to be held November 18-22, 2022. The last opportunity to qualify will be at BALPEX Sep 2-4, 2022. Exhibitors who have qualified should not enter the same exhibit in another show until after BALPEX.

Pipex (virtual) 2021Jesuit Mail at the Time of the Correo Mayor of New SpainJaime Benavides
Minnesota Stamp Expo 2021The American Phototype Two-Cent Instructive Clauses 1867-1872Bob Hohertz
Americover 2021Zeppelin Hindenburg & TipexCheryl Ganz
Balpex 2021The Trucial States Palm Trees and Dhow Series of 1961Earl Toops
Philatelic Show 2021The War Rate: 1815-1816Anthony F Dewey
San Diego Stamp Show 2021California Blues: The Iconic 1857 "Gold Rush" RevenuesMike Mahler
RPSC Royale (virtual) 2021The Process That Led to the "Grill" Stamps of the United States, From First Experiments to the Earliest Z-GrillsJan Hofmeyr
Chicagopex/ASE 2021Trans-Oceanic Uses of the 30 Cent U.S. Issues of 1861-1868Rich Drews
Chicagopex/ASE Reserve 2021New Orleans 5 Cent Brown Provisional 1861-1862Doug Weisz
Chicagopex/ASE Reserve 2021Great Britain's Greatest Irish Polar ExpeditionerHal Vogel
Florex 2021Electric Telegraph Company Stamps 1846 - 1870Brian Callan
Sarasota 2022Boston Paid in GridMark Schwartz
Southeastern 2022The Irish Civil War January 1922 to April 1923Robert Benninghoff
Aripex 2022US Demonitization and Transition to the 1861 IssueDaniel M Knowles
Westpex 2022Stamp Tax on Nevada Territory Stock Certificates: The 25c "Blaze of Glory"Mike Mahler
Philatelic Show 2022The 1855 Y 1/4 Surcharged Stamps of CubaYamil H. Kouri, Jr
Pipex 2022U.S. "Special" Booklet Paper Printings of 1928Robrert G Rufe
RMSS 2022Thar She Blows! Fiscal History of US Whaling, 1862-1872Mike Mahler
Colopex 20221838-42 Wilkes Antarctic Expedition. Its many (often unfavorable) facetsHal Vogel
Minnesota Stamp Expo 2022World's Third Producer of Stamps: Philadelphia Local Post Fee Reduction 1842 to 1861Vernon Morris
NTSS 2022Men's Gymnastics: Dressed to WinMark C. Maestrone