Youth Champion of Champions Awards - 2010

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AAPE - Youth Champion of Champions - 2010 Awards

Awards Offered for the 2010
AAPE Youth Championship

AAPE is indebted to the many generous donors (both individuals and organizations) who are making the following awards possible. Thank you very much for your support of these aspiring youth exhibitors!

All exhibitors receive Fran Jennings Medals, membership in YSCA (compliments of Ken Martin), participation certificates, and ribbons.

1) Youth Champion of Champions - the best youth exhibit shown in North America in the 2009-2010 year. Donated by WESTPEX.

2) Reserve Champion – runner-up to the Champion of Champions. Donated by WESTPEX.

3) Traditional Award – Best traditional exhibit. Donated by WESTPEX.

4) Welsh Philatelic Society Postal History Award - Best postal history exhibit. Donated by Ann Triggle.

5) Howard Hotchner Award - Best portrayal of American or Canadian History. Donated by John Hotchner.

6) ISWSC Award – Best use of worldwide stamps and material. Donated by International Society of Worldwide Stamp Collectors.

7) American Topical Association Youth Award - Best topical/thematic exhibit. Donated by ATA.

8) NAPEX Awards:
  1. NAPEX Title Page Award
  2. NAPEX Creativity Award
  3. NAPEX Topical Award
  4. NAPEX Thematic Award
  5. NAPEX Research Award

9) WESTPEX Awards:
  1. WESTPEX Philatelic Write-up Award
  2. WESTPEX Flora and Fauna Award
  3. WESTPEX Award of Excellence in Presentation Skills
  4. WESTPEX Progress Award
  5. WESTPEX Entertainment Award
  6. WESTPEX Judges’ Choice Award

10) APS Membership Award - Donated by Ken Martin.

11) ATA Membership Award – Donated by Johnstown Junior Stamp Club.

12) The Caring Award in memory of Chris Winters, MD – Donated by the Pinnacle Stamp Club, Little Rock, Arkansas.

13) Potentiality Awards in memory of Chester Allen and Sid Nichols - Donated by the Pinnacle Stamp Club, Little Rock, Arkansas,