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the george brett award

the aape george brett cup is an award for top level 20th century exhibits. the first ever competition will be held may 26-28, 2017 at the rocky mountain stamp show. exhibits of 20th century material that have won a wsp grand or reserve grand during the last three years are eligible to compete and the exhibitors have been notified. most exhibits will be eligible for all rmss awards. those that have qualified for c of c in richmond will be not be eligible for any awards other than the brett cup. a number of seminars pertaining to 20th century philately are planned. this is expected to be an annual event that may be held at various shows or could be permanently held at denver. in the future eligibility will likely evolve to exhibits that have achieved a certain point level now that we will be doing points, regardless of what award was achieved.

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2018-2019santiago cruzcolombia - the 1917 perkins issue
2017-2018stephen mcgillbritain's marvelous machins 1967-2017
2016-2017nicholas lombardithe 1903 two cent washington shield issue