AAPE Herdenberg Award

The Herdenberg Award, named in honor of Ralph and Bette Herdenberg of Chicago, Founding Members and early workers for AAPE's success, is given once each year to a member who has given long and distinguished service to the Society. The selection committee, composed of the immediate three living past presidents, makes a recommendation to the Board at the STAMPSHOW meeting, and the award is then announced in the next available issue of The Philatelic Exhibitor, and the honoree is recognized at the following AmeriStamp Expo. The award consists of a stipend of up to $500 to be used for item or items of the winner's choice.

2019Jerry Miller and Charles Verge
2018Vesma Grinfelds
2017Robert P. Odenweller
2016Steven Zwillinger
2015Elizabeth Hisey, Florida
2014David McNamee, Peter P. McCann
2013Don David Price
2012Carol Barr
2011Larry Fillion, Massachusetts
2010Robert Hisey, Florida
2009R. Timothy Bartshe, Colorado
2008Patricia Stilwell Walker, Maryland
2007Denise Stotts, Texas
2006Ray Ireson, Canada
2005Paul Tyler*, New Mexico
2004Randy Neil, Kansas
2003John Hotchner, Virginia
2002Clyde Jennings*, Florida
2001Ada Prill, New York
2000Dan Walker, Maryland
* Deceased